• Visual Task and
    Process Automation
    for Onboarding Teams

  • Struggling to manage your onboarding processes and make sure that everything runs smoothly?

    Meet Casual, the tool that helps onboarding teams visualize, track, and collaborate on their routine processes. With Casual, you will make your team more efficient, automate certain tasks, and ensure that all of your bases will be covered.

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  • You're a great fit!

    Casual is for you if:

    You have standardized onboarding or activation processes

    When nearly all of your clients have the same processes.

    Processes require cross-department coordination

    You handle some of the tasks, while your client handles other ones. It should come as no surprise that things can get delayed without proper planning.

    Your sales managers want to know what's going on

    Deal finalization and client onboarding go hand-in-hand. Sales people want to see and eliminate bottlenecks.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Check out how Competera, one of our leading clients, uses Casual to handle its onboarding processes.

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    Dmitry Harapko, CS & Activation Team Lead

    We found Casual when we were looking for a tool that would help us visualize our onboarding processes. Now we use this great tool every day, generally for new client activation and onboarding.

    A team of ten is currently involved in those two processes. The roles available help us to assign users and control processes. The application is extremely user-friendly and easy to set up. Some sub-processes have been completely moved from other software, thus our full-cycle process is now available for tracking on Casual.

    Thanks to Casual, we spend much less time on managing processes and we’ve optimized the actual processes by making them shorter, which is crucial for our business metrics.

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